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HerBoss Media Center Summer Program

6 weeks of  fun activities and hands on learning.

Learn the skills you need to be successful in a competitive  industry.


From Beginning to end you will learn how to produce write and engineer your very own song.

You can make music from any device. Even you PHONE!


 Get off the couch!

Get off Social media!

Get off your phones!

HerBoss Media Center is hosting a summer program that all high school students are eligible for. Our Summer program is 5 weeks of hands on learning in a real studio environment to give students all the information they need to start writing, producting and recording their own music. The program runs from June 13 through July 21. Students will be grouped into groups of 3 and will work on and complete an entire project, from start to finish. Seats are very limited and come on a "first come, first serve basis" 


Come and learn how to sound like Ye, H.E.R., Travis Scott, NBA YoungBoy or your favorite musical artist in a professional recording studio.

Song writing is an integral part of the music making process and isn't limited to writing lyrics. In this class you will learn all the information to write full songs and understand the process of what it means to "write music"


Beat Production is the second most recognizable piece to the music production puzzle. A beat producers job is to create a piece of music to relay the writers feelings and tones. In this class, students will understand beat production and its applications with hands on learning. By the end, students will know how to set up, arrange and make industry-styled arrangements.

Audio Engineering is the most overlooked position in music production, however, with out a capable audio engineer, the best songs could never be brought to its full potential. An audio engineer will have mastery of recording equipment, mixing, mastering and recording techniques. In this class, students will learn all they need to pick up and successfully start recording and mixing and soar with the knowledge built their understanding.


Terms and Conditions apply. Weekly fee of $75.00 dollars or $375.00 up front. Seats limited to 15 students. 


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